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"I was making pesto, Officer!"

I love doing favors for my future self. When the sink is full of dirty dishes and I am tired and really do not feel like washing them but I do it anyway? My waking-up-in-the-morning-to-a-clean-sink self is so grateful! When I plant biennial flower seeds and two years later I have Sweet Williams blooming, I high-five my two-years-ago self and make a bouquet.

I also do my future hungry-self favors, like making a big batch of oatmeal to eat for breakfasts throughout the week, or even just packing the kids' lunches the night before so my groggy morning-self gets a bit of a break. I think of preserving food during the growing season in the same light. Last summer my garden produced so much basil that we gorged on pesto, basil vinaigrette, and a one-pan farro dish I discovered. We ate so much basily goodness while my plants flourished. The more we harvested, the more they grew. Basil is a heat-lover, though, so when the first frost hit I had to quit my fresh basil binge.

It is now mid-F…

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